Programs and Services

Program Descriptions

The domestic violence and sexual assault programs serve as the core for the services provided by the Fort Bend County Women's Center. These programs and the projects that support them work together for a holistic approach to client service. 

Domestic Violence Program

As part of this program the Women's Center provides referrals to medical, legal, and employment services and grants emergency assistance for food, clothing, rent, and transportation. National statistics say that a woman will leave her batterer an average of 7-9 times before she leaves permanently. Through new program initiatives, the Fort Bend County Women's Center has helped 89% of its clients remain violence-free and independent.

Sexual Assault Program

The Sexual Assault program provides rape crisis services, accompaniment and advocacy, counseling/crisis intervention services, and case management services. In addition, the program works in collaboration with the Forensic Nurse Examiner (F.N.E.) program to provide survivors and their families with support, information, and referrals related to the trauma and forensic evidence collection examinations.

Service Descriptions

Emergency Shelter Program

The emergency shelter program provides both a 24-hour crisis hotline and emergency shelter for women and children who are victims of family violence and sexual assault. The basic services the Shelter offers include shelter, food, clothing, emergency and basic medical care in the on-site clinic or by referral, transportation, weekly case management, a wellness room, children's services, and a Learning Resource Center. Shelter clients also have the option of individual, family, or group counseling to support their healing and growth into independent living.

Non-Residential Program

The Non-Residential Program is designed to provide families exiting the shelter and clients not needing shelter with individualized assistance to achieve self-sufficiency and establish households independent of their batterer. Services offered through this program include counseling and advocacy for women and children, rental and other financial assistance, transportation services, job training and use of the Learning Resource Center, parenting and life skills classes, case management and crisis intervention.

Outreach and Education

The Women's Center also aims to prevent family violence and sexual assault through educational outreach to parents, students, educators, the medical community, law enforcement, and religious and ethnic groups. The Women's Center has created two series of programs called "Creating Healthy Relationships" that educate young audiences on subjects such as the dynamics of family and dating violence and sexual assault, the signs of abuse, how to help someone in an abusive relationship, power and control cycles, the difference between sexual harassment and flirting, date rape, the components of a healthy relationship, and self esteem/self concept.

Impact, Empower & Engage is a primary prevention series designed to engage individuals, to become integral actors in the prevention of not only sexual violence but violence in general. The goal of the program is to address individual and societal norms supportive of interpersonal violence including sexual harassment, sexual assault and bullying.

Our programs are based on the positive approach that adolescents have the skills and strength to affect social change within their communities. In fact, teens are the experts on their peers and have the ability to empower change through positive peer leadership and role-modeling. Included in this series is the Expect Respect Safe Teens Leadership Program, an interactive training in interpersonal violence prevention and peer leadership for ages 12 to 18. The 8 module curriculum incorporates educational materials, video presentations, handouts and activities designed to facilitate learning about bullying, sexual harassment, sexual assault, healthy and abusive dating relationships, the warning signs of abuse, and practical tools for bystander intervention. If you are interested in any of our Impact, Empower & Engage programs, contact Amber Paaso at 281-344-5759 or Programs can be customized and shared in a variety of settings.

Pennywise Resale Centers

PennyWise Resale Centers provide both residential and non-residential clients with free clothing, furniture, and other items necessary to support independent living. PennyWise offers pick-up of large items for donation and also sells reduced-price merchandise to the public. All the shop's proceeds benefit the programs and services provided by the Women's Center.